The Accountability Age Presents:

Called TGID’s HOT TOPIC Hot Potato Round Table Discussion (RTD)

Our Mission Statement:

To strive to create a space to hold civil and rational discourse about taboo or hot topics of the times and model this to others via our talk shows and our game shows…

The Goal of our Platform is:
To show viewers how to have civil conversations about intense topics. 
To share how to fact check information on the internet.
To create a platform for individuals to discuss & learn about hotly debated topics
that are prevalent today.
To connect viewers to the art of critical thinking.
To bring levity to this world that is so needed during these critical times.
For a More Educated Public, It is Better to Present Facts, Rather than Sound Bites!

This was a thought that came about 5 years ago during the last debates as to how do we get back to civil discussion about Hot Topics...  This idea was spawned and curated over the years and now with us all thrusted into Zoom calls it dawned on us that NOW is the Best Time to Move Forward with this platform at least to get the ball rolling and build this News Game Show The Great Internet Debate. 
We are reaching out to other liked minded folks and having focus groups that spawned our Bi Monthly "Hot Topic-Hot Potato-Round Table Discussion " Where we introduce the show and then we Test our Production Prowess and Record an episode for our various platforms... 
TGID is an Internet Based News Debate Game Show.  We are building and  creating a platform for individuals to advocate their critical thinking skills, and how to fact check all of the stories that we read on a daily basis.  NOW CASTING... 
After many years of producing various live events, and some video productions Jay B. Cohen, decided that he wanted to make a real impact on the world at large.  The Great Internet Debate platform gives folks the ability to learn how to sort through the overwhelming amount of information on an endless amount of topics, and to be able to have civil discourse through using debate techniques.  Jay wrote, copyrighted and registered the original treatment for this show with the western writer's guild association in 2016, and he has developed the concept into the live internet show and web platform that is has become today!

Jedi Joshua

Born In Indiana...Raised in Oklahoma...20 years in Cali...Now Cleveland Ohio,  Jedi has been producing web TV for 15 years.  He is an all around digital wizard who brings our show to the Interwebs every week.

Jay Cohen

Jay Cohen is the creator and owner of The Accountability Age Productions which produces The Great Internet Debate Gameshow, as well as, TGID Hot Topic Hot Potato Round Table Discussion.  Besides being a fantastic father and a business owner the Jayster, as he is often called in the industry, is a serial stuff starter!  As such he is starting off our featured guests section of the TGID HTHP Newsletter!

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