Lisa "IDKYBILY" Simpson is a Peace & Love Humanitarian and Presidential candidate. Starting off her political aspirations 22 years ago, she has lived and worked in Washington, DC on a vast array of social and political issues. She expanded her nonprofit work to activism and then humanitarianism having recently reached Christian evangelism as her most effective tool for healing humanity's plights. She founded the nonprofit, "I Don't Know You, But I Love You" which passes out a message of God's Agape love on stickers around the world for free. A race relations humanitarian of 25 years, Lisa prides herself on taking risks to speak to all demographics of humans in order to prove that at the foundation of the most oppressed survivors is a reverence for God and a gratitude for life. Lisa is running for President in 2024 as a full fledged and solely focused Christian candidate. 

1) Christianity is the Answer to All Political & Social Plight
2) It's Not Technically Racism, It's Just Plain Evil
3) Abortion is Mass Genocide & Collective Trauma
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