The United States is facing a pandemic threat from the Novel Corona Virus 19 commonly known as Covad 19.  March 17, 2020 marked a significant milestone in our history.  It was the first economic shutdown in recent U.S. history.  Bars, Restaurants, Salons, Concert Venues and ALL nonessential places of business were ordered to close, and gatherings of any kind were deemed illegal by local ordinances.  Local police began issuing fines for businesses not complying with the shutdown orders.  State by state governors issued "Stay at Home" and "Shelter in Place" executive orders.  The economy suffered greatly as our citizens were forced to stay at home.  Soon individuals were not able to pay their rents, and shortly after businesses began to lose their ability to remain solvent while in the holding pattern.  The shutdown disrupted supply chains, and this caused shortages in some textile supplies further hampering the ability for small businesses and larger corporations to maintain their status as functioning companies.

Should the United States reopen for business during this Covad pandemic?

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